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CREE LED Throughhole LEDs

450nm to 624nm
Cree LED through-hole LEDs are made with advanced optical-grade epoxy, offering superior performance in high-temperature and high-moisture environments. Additionally, the encapsulation resin contains anti-UV materials, which reduce the effects of long-term exposure to direct sunlight. With round or oval lenses and offered in a variety of colors, these LEDs have high output for superior readability-even in daylight-and are useful in various applications such as signage and channel lighting, as well as decorative and architectural lighting.

Marktech is a Cree LED Solution Provider and has been partnering with Cree LED for over a decade. We offer the complete line of high brightness products and materials, along with engineering support such as design, binning, and material selection.

Typical industries served:
Signage, commercial, residential, and roadway lighting

Common applications:
Retail displays, channel letters, decorative holiday lights, garden lighting, variable message signs (VMSs)

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ProductPhotoDWLColorIntensity m2AngleDimensionsLens TypeBuy NowSpecs
C4SMK-BJS470Blue780 mcd115/654mmOvalPrice Quote
C566C-BFS470Blue1500 mcd70/355mmOvalPrice Quote
C535A-WJNWhite1400 mcd1105mmRoundPrice Quote
C5SMF-BJS470Blue1100 mcd100/405mmOvalPrice Quote
C5SMF-GJS527Green4400 mcd100/405mmOvalPrice Quote
C5SMF-RJS624Red2200 mcd100/405mmOvalPrice Quote
C513A-MSNWarm White4500 mcd555mmRoundPrice Quote
C513A-MSSWarm White4500 mcd555mmRoundPrice Quote
C513A-WSNWhite6800 mcd555mmRoundPrice Quote
C513A-WSSWhite6800 mcd555mmRoundPrice Quote
C566C-BFN470Blue1500 mcd70/355mmOvalPrice Quote
C512A-WNNWhite14000 mcd255mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-BAS470Blue11000 mcd155mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-BCN470Blue4100 mcd305mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-BCS470Blue4100 mcd305mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-WANWhite25000 mcd155mmRoundPrice Quote
C503C-WANWhite35000 mcd155mmRoundPrice Quote
C503C-WASWhite35000 mcd155mmRoundPrice Quote
C503D-WANWhite50000 mcd155mmRoundPrice Quote
C512A-WNSWhite14000 mcd255mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-BAN470Blue11000 mcd155mmRoundPrice Quote
C4SMK-GJS527Green2900 mcd115/654mmOvalPrice Quote
C566C-GFN527Green5200 mcd70/355mmOvalPrice Quote
C566C-GFS527Green5200 mcd70/355mmOvalPrice Quote
C503B-GAN527Green34000 mcd155mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-GAS527Green34000 mcd155mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-GCS527Green12500 mcd305mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-GCN527Green12500 mcd305mmRoundPrice Quote
C566C-AFN591Amber2500 mcd70/355mmOvalPrice Quote
C566C-AFS591Amber2500 mcd70/355mmOvalPrice Quote
C5SMF-AJS591Amber2100 mcd100/405mmOvalPrice Quote
C503B-AAN591Amber13000 mcd155mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-AAN-015591Amber15000 mcd155mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-AAS591Amber13000 mcd155mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-AAS-015591Amber15000 mcd155mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-ABS591Amber5000 mcd235mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-ACN591Amber6000 mcd305mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-ACN-030591Amber6000 mcd305mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-ACS591Amber6000 mcd305mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-ABN591Amber5000 mcd235mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-ACS-030591Amber6000 mcd305mmRoundPrice Quote
C566C-RFN624Red2200 mcd70/355mmOvalPrice Quote
C566C-RFS624Red2200 mcd70/355mmOvalPrice Quote
C503B-RCS624Red5100 mcd305mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-RAN624Red12000 mcd155mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-RAS624Red12000 mcd155mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-RBN624Red5000 mcd235mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-RBS624Red5000 mcd235mmRoundPrice Quote
C503B-RCN624Red5100 mcd305mmRoundPrice Quote
C4SMK-RJS621Red1300 mcd110/604mmOvalPrice Quote