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Custom Packaging

When it comes to packaging, Marktech offers a wide array of standard packages along with custom designed components and assemblies. We offer 3 and 5 mm plastic; TO-5, T0-18, TO-39, and TO-46 cans; as well as surface mount devices to name a few, and we are able to mount your chosen chip(s) into any of these packages. Marktech also provide chip- on-board assemblies that utilize standard FR-4 materials in addition to metal core (aluminum or copper) PCBs, ceramic and flexible Polyimide. Our packages are available with multiple die from two chips up to 144 bonded on a single device. In addition Marktech’s packages include Star Boards, Linear Boards, Multi-Chip metal cans that hold up to 7 chips, Light Rings and many more.

When combined with our broad range of both emitter and detector chip selections we can offer more options than practically anyone.

Choose from any of the following standard package options when designing your custom emitter or detector component. These packages are designed for accommodating 1 – 7 chips in any configuration. If you don’t see a package that would work for your application, we can design a complete custom solution to meet your needs.

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