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IR Chips

Wavelength: 730nm to 1900nm

Marktech infrared die is available in a variety of footprints from small 280um x 280um energy efficient types to large 1000um x 1000um high power types used in various illumination applications.

Our IR die can be obtained in blue sheet form or waffle packed. These chips exhibit some of the highest power output available on the market. Multiple configurations such as P-up or P-down and multiple materials including GaAs, GaAlAs and InGaAs are available. These chips can also be custom packaged to meet your specific requirements.

Typical industries served: Security, office automation, banking, safety

Common applications: Cameras / night vision, remote controls, smoke detectors, light curtains, spectroscopy, copiers, fax machines, printers, currency validation, proximity sensors

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ProductPhotoPeak WavelengthCurrentBuy NowSpecs
MTC1040C104020Price Quote
OPC10500-111050500Price Quote
MTC1070C107020Price Quote
MTC1200C120020Price Quote
MTC1300C130020Price Quote
MTC1460C146020Price Quote
MTC1550C155020Price Quote
MTC1650C165020Price Quote
MTC1720C172020Price Quote
MTC1900C190020Price Quote
OPC7300-3273050Price Quote
OPC7400-21740500Price Quote
OPC7400-22-1740150Price Quote
OPC7400-3274050Price Quote
OPC7600-3276050Price Quote
OPC7700-11765500Price Quote
OPC7800-3278050Price Quote
OPC8000-21800500Price Quote
OPC8100-1781050Price Quote
OPC8100-3781050Price Quote
OPC8300-32830100Price Quote
OPC8300-11830500Price Quote
OPC8500-2885080Price Quote
OPC8500-37850100Price Quote
OPC8500-11850500Price Quote
OPC8500-32A850100Price Quote
OPC8500-32850100Price Quote
MTC8600C85020Price Quote
OPC8700-2887070Price Quote
OPC8700-37870100Price Quote
OPC8700-32A870100Price Quote
OPC8700-32870100Price Quote
OPC8700-11880500Price Quote
OPC8850-28885100Price Quote
OPC8850-32A885100Price Quote
OPC8850-32885100Price Quote
OPC8900-2889050Price Quote
OPC9000-32900100Price Quote
MTC9050A90520Price Quote
OPC9100-11910500Price Quote
OPC9100-2891050Price Quote
OPC9400-3794050Price Quote
OPC9400-2494050Price Quote
OPC9500-11948500Price Quote
MTC9460C95020Price Quote
OPC9800-11980500Price Quote
MTC9860C98020Price Quote