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In addition to a wide variety of high quality sensor components, Marktech Optoelectronics’ capabilities include complete design and manufacturing of custom light rings for applications ranging from medical instrumentation to machine vision. Chip on board configurations can contain both emission and detection chips within a very small package design. Wavelengths include UV, Visible and IR ranges from 280nm through 2.6μm 

Marktech’s group of design engineers have a unique ability to understand our customer’s application and offer the correct solution. Our staff’s expertise in emission and detection combined with the ability to control wafer growth through packaging, allow for the highest quality and highest reliability product offerings. Marktech Optoelectonics has solved challenging LED design, assembly and manufacturing problems for a wide range of customers.


If your application requires high reliability and high radiant power output, but needs a compact circular footprint, a light ring may be the right LED solution for you.

Available in FR-4, metal core, and ceramic, light rings from Marktech push the boundaries in terms of chips, materials, and sizes. Marktech currently produces the smallest commercially available light ring for endoscopy applications at 4mm.

Starboards can be made with either die or surface mount components. Materials include FR-4, ceramic and metal core. Standard boards are made for soldering wires, however connections may also be integrated for quick and easy testing. In addition, these evaluation boards can be designed with thermal pads as well as added components such as thermistors for performing temperature analysis.

Linear Boards are are similar to the Starboards with the exception that they can be manufactured in multi widths and lengths.

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