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Wavelengths: 450nm to 624nm peak performance

If your application requires high reliability and high radiant power output, but needs a compact circular footprint, a light ring may be the right LED solution for you.

Available in FR-4, metal core, and ceramic, light rings from Marktech push the boundaries in terms of chips, materials, and sizes. Marktech currently produces the smallest commercially available light ring for endoscopy applications at 4mm.

Typical industries served: Medical equipment, scientific research

Common applications: Endoscopy, general illumination, biochemical analysis

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ProductColorOverall Size (mm)Conditions IFBuy NowSpecs
MTLR-EZ500-450Blue 4506-Die Light Ring 0.15675mADigikey
MTLR-EZ500-460Blue 4606-Die Light Ring 0.15675mADigikey
MTLR-EZ500-470Blue 4706-Die Light Ring 0.15675mADigikey
MTLR-EZ500-527Green 5276-Die Light Ring 0.15675mADigikey
MTLR-WZ700-CCool White6-Die Light Ring 0.19675mADigikey
MTLR-WZ700-NNeutral White6-Die Light Ring 0.19675mADigikey
MTLR-WZ700-WWarm White6-Die Light Ring 0.19675mADigikey