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marktech optoelectronics Emitters

Marktech offers the broadest range of emitters commercially available ranging from 255nm for UV, through visible, near IR to 1720nm for SWIR.  Our main focus has always been in the area of application solutions to optimize your products performance. Our team of design engineers and R&D scientists are committed to providing you with unsurpassed technical support. In addition to a broad array of materials Marktech offers both custom and standard packaging for components and assemblies. Our extensive support system capabilities include onsite labs with state-of-the-art equipment, where our team of experts can test and validate for all optical and electrical parameters.

255 nm – 400 nm

Marktech’s extensive line of ultraviolet (UV) LED emitters comes in a wide variety of packages, with a number of customization options to meet your specific needs.

275 nm – 405 nm

A broad line of single- or quad-
High Power surface mount UV LED emitters are available as standard components, or with Starboard mounting for easy evaluation.

440 nm – 700 nm

Marktech offers the broadest selection of high-reliability standard and custom LED emitter packages and dies, for requirements within the visible light spectrum.

630 nm – 980 nm

Available in numerous package types, both standard and custom near-infrared (NIR) LED emitters are among the most widely specified within this product family by Marktech customers in recent years.

630 nm – 980 nm

Point source emitters from Marktech incorporate both a specially designed LED die and an aperture window, in order to create a precise, unobstructed light output pattern for related application needs.

1020 nm – 1720 nm

Used in many material analysis and machine vision applications, standard and custom short wavelength infrared (SWIR) emitters from Marktech offer high-power, high-speed performance.

280 nm – 2600 nm

With a ceramic package, these low-profile multi-wavelength emitters offer a variety of polarized and non-polarized configurations, in support of either AC or DC operation.

Marktech’s standard and custom high power infrared (IR) emitters, also known as photo reflectors, offer outputs that are two to three times greater than those of our standard devices with similar form factors.

Do you need a small number of LEDs for your proof of concept?

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In Japan, our products are now available through Rikei Corporation.

The possibilities are limitless.  If you have a project requiring LED emitters, photodiode detectors, or both, then please contact us for help with selecting the correct devices for your design requirements.  We work on projects of any size and quantity, and while we have hundreds of standard products – customizations are our specialty.

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