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Custom Materials

The success of any optoelectronic component or assembly is predicated on the quality of the chip. Marktech’s wide array of emitter chips range from deep UV at 275nm to SWIR (Short Wavelength Infrared) at 3000nm. In the blue, green or white range, Marktech features CREE manufactured LED chips. CREE delivers superior price/performance for high-intensity LEDs used in low and high power LED applications. Marktech, as a solutions provider for Cree, offers not only materials but customized packaging options including TO-metal-can packaging with customized optics as well as COB (Chip On Board) arrays.

In addition to materials on the emission side, Marktech offers a wide variety of detector chips. These include Silicon types ranging from 365nm to 1100nm as well as InGaAs types ranging from 600nm to 2600nm.

Although Marktech offers one of the largest selections and range of emitters and detectors in the industry, the ever increasing technology advancements and applications often require a custom solution to be developed.

Marktech provides custom material solutions for both the visible and infrared spectrums in emission as well as detection.

Emitter wavelengths / material

Current standard “visible” emitter sizes range from 170um x 170um to 1930um x 1930um and from ~450nm – 730nm. Tight binning by Marktech can provide uniform color and output characteristics to optimize the application as well as matching photo detectors, providing process-controlled, uniform product solutions.

Marktech standard “infrared” die is available in a variety of footprints from small 280um x 280um energy efficient types to large 1066um x 1066um high power types used in various illumination applications. The standard wavelength range is from ~730nm – 980nm. These chips exhibit some of the highest power output commercially available on the market. Material types include GaAs and GaAlAs.

Visible and Infrared Emitter Variations/Options

  • Completely Processed Wafers
  • Bare die form – Die may be packaged on blue membrane sheets or waffle pack
  • P-up or N-up configurations
  • Power Output sorting
  • Wavelength sorting
  • Vf/Vr sorting
  • Custom Chip Sizes

Specialty Emitter Chips / material

Point Source Emitters – 570nm to 880nm

Marktech’s Point Source Emitter die are unique LED chips that produces a well-defined pattern of light similar to a “point”. These chips in combination with high quality grade glass lenses produce an extremely narrow, near parallel radiation pattern. This unobstructed, radiated beam pattern is made possible by producing a unique defined active area and relocating the topside electrode. By eliminating the “dark spot” typically associated with the center of conventional LEDs, the point source LED yields superior results in critical sensing applications but also can be used in visible devices such as range finder scopes.

Marktech currently offers these chips with aperture sizes ranging from 10um in diameter to 300um. The die can be customized to meet your specific application.

Monolithic Display Chips

Marktech LED display chips utilize monolithic technology to create multi-segmented chips enabling the creation of numbers, letters and symbols. Each segment can be individually addressable and operate at drive currents less than 5mA making them ideally suitable for portable optical instruments, range finders and applications requiring long battery life and small emission areas.

Point Source Emitter and Monolithic Variations/Options:

  • Monolithic die – Available in 625nm – 660nm wavelength range
  • Monolithic die – Small character size (line width typically 25um) – overall chip height of 0.5mm – 1.5mm
  • Monolithic die – Multiple shapes and segments possible
  • Monolithic die – Multiple package options
  • Point Source Bare die form – Die may be packaged on blue membrane sheets or waffle pack
  • Power Output sorting
  • Wavelength sorting
  • Vf/Vr sorting

Photodetector wavelengths / material

Marktech standard detector materials are available in either Si or InGaAs types. The P and N epitaxial layers of the wafer materials can be optimized for specific customer specifications and desired characteristics, including Minimum Reflection, Low Dark Current, Minimum Series Resistance, Low Capacitance, Fast Response, High Gain/Sensitivity, Low Cross Talk, and more. Current sizes for Silicon type die range from 0.2mm active area to 15.0mm active area. Current standard sizes for Indium Gallium Arsenide type detector die range from 0.1mm diameter active area to 3.0mm diameter active area. The detectors can be packaged in a variety of packages from metal can and standard 3mm and 5mm plastic packages, to surface-mount, or virtually any custom package assembly.

Silicon and InGaAs photodetector variations/options:

  • Epitaxial Wafers or Completely Processed Wafers
  • Bare die form – Die may be packaged on blue membrane sheets or waffle pack
  • Silicon Phototransistors
  • Photodiode Arrays
  • Dual/Quadrant Photodiodes
  • Silicon and InGaAs Photovoltaic PIN photodiodes
  • Silicon Photoconductive PIN photodiodes
  • Silicon PIN Photodiodes with enhanced blue sensitivity
  • Silicon PIN Photodiodes with enhanced NIR (Near Infrared) sensitivity – 1064nm
  • Silicon APD’s (Avalanche Photodiodes)
  • InGaAs material from 1700nm – 2600nm
  • Custom sizes

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The possibilities are limitless.  If you have a project requiring custom materials (InP wafers or die), InGaAs or silicon photodiode detectors, custom LEDs, multi-chip packages of multi-wavelength LED emitters combined with optical detectors, or custom assemblies, then please contact us for help with selecting the correct devices for your design requirements.  We work on projects of any size and quantity, and while we have hundreds of standard products – customizations are our specialty.