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marktech optoelectronics LEDs

Marktech offers the complete line of both CREE LED’s High Brightness LEDs and Marktech’s custom designed components and assemblies which utilize CREE LED’s chips. Our main focus has always been in the area of application solutions to optimize your products performance. Our team of design engineers and R&D scientist are committed to providing you with unsurpassed technical support. Our LED series includes product ranging from UV through SWIR. Our custom packaging includes a broad array of options for both components and assemblies. Marktech’s extensive support capabilities include onsite labs with state-of-the-art equipment, where our team of experts can test and validate for all optical and electrical parameters.

The sharpest red dot LED point sources and microdisplay reticle LEDs in the industry with unrivaled clarity and zero internal reflections.

450 nm – 624 nm

Starboards offer end-users a quick and easy solution, making them an ideal choice for designers and manufacturers looking to evaluate chips or components.

450 nm – 624 nm

Featuring multiple LED emitters, CREE LED high-power Xlamps on linear aluminum core boards provide a simplified transition from traditional illumination sources to LED.

Backlight or Edge Lit LED Panels are used to backlight LCD panels. They provide full daylight visibility and can be customized in color and size for your application.

280 nm – 2600 nm

Multiple, evenly spaced chips in a metal can package combine for a consistent and wide illuminated pattern of light.

400 nm – 650 nm

Applications for high-brightness LEDs range from signage, indication, and instrumentation to general lighting. Covering the broad spectrum of visible LED die.

405 nm – 624 nm

Light rings are specifically designed for applications requiring high radiant power output within a compact circular footprint.

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The possibilities are limitless.  If you have a project requiring  visible, UV, NIR, or SWIR LEDs, LEDs co-packaged with photodiodes detectors, or multi-chip packages with multiple wavelengths (UV thru SWIR). then please contact us for help with selecting the correct devices for your design requirements.  We work on projects of any size and quantity, and while we have hundreds of standard products – customizations are our specialty.