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Wavelengths: 450nm to 624nm

Marktech offers Cree LED high-power Xlamps, as well as UV and infrared emitters, on aluminum core starboards for easier product evaluation in a variety of applications. Our starboards provide a quick and easy solution for designers and manufacturers to evaluate chips or components without the need to wire-bond or to create their own prototype board.

Available in numerous colors and multi-colors, as well as different viewing angles, these single LED star board configurations are offered to designers as a tool to accelerate the adoption of LED technology in designs that currently use another type of illumination. Typical sizes are from .75″ to 1.0″

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ProductColorOverall Size (mm)AngleDevice TypeBuy NowSpecs
MTG7-001i-XML00-RGBW-BC02RGBWStar Board with 1 LED130XM-LDigikey
MTG7-001i-XML00-RGBW-BCB1RGBWStar Board with 1 LED130XM-LDigikey
MTG7-001I-XPG00-CW-0H53Cool WhiteStar Board with 1 LED125XP-GDigikey
MTG7-001I-XQD00-CW-LF53Cool WhiteStar Board with 1 LED145XQ-DDigikey