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marktech Detectors

Marktech offers the broadest line of both silicon and InGaAs detectors commercially available. Our main focus has always been in the area of application solutions to optimize your products performance. Our team of design engineers and R&D scientists are committed to providing you with unsurpassed technical support. Our detector series includes product ranging from UV through SWIR. Our packaging includes a broad array of standard and custom packages for both components and assemblies. Marktech’s extensive support capabilities include onsite labs with state-of0the-art equipment, where our team of experts can test and validate for all electrical and optical parameters.

600 nm – 2600 nm

This high-sensitivity and high-reliability product series is ideally suited for applications in the SWIR wavelength range.

300 nm – 1100 nm

Silicon photodetectors, in standard and custom designs, are the industry’s go-to sensor for applications requiring high speed, consistency, and reliability.

300 nm – 1750 nm

Quadrant and array photodiodes (InGaAs or Silicon) are ideal for position sensors, dispersive spectrometers, particle analyzers, and atomic force microscopes (AFMs).

300 nm – 1100 nm

Marktech’s standard and custom Silicon phototransistors can be specified within applications requiring high sensitivity, uniform response, and increased reliability.

800 nm or 905 nm
Peak Response

Avalanche photodiodes are perfect for high-speed and low-light level detection in the NIR range.

250 nm – 450 nm

Marktech offers both standard and custom UV detector packaging options, including components, assemblies and bare chips, to match a variety of requirements.

With capability to detect light in the UV, visible, and IR spectra, photodetectors, phototransistors, and photodiodes are being specified within an-ever increasing number of unique applications.

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The possibilities are limitless.  If you have a project requiring photodiode detectors, LED emitters, or both, then please contact us for help with selecting the correct devices for your design requirements.  We work on projects of any size and quantity, and while we have hundreds of standard products – customizations are our specialty.