Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorized global distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, announces a global distribution agreement with Marktech Optoelectronics, a leading designer and manufacturer of standard and custom optoelectronics components as well as assemblies. According to the agreement, which commenced in 2021, Mouser will offer customers Marktech Optoelectronics’ range of emitters and photodiodes for applications including night vision, safety equipment, fiber optics, industrial automation, chemical analysis, and currency validation.

In the infrared wavelength ranges, Marktech is a vertically integrated manufacturer growing epitaxy InP wafers, fabricating InGaAs detector and emitter chips, packaging chips, and even producing completed assemblies for some OEM customers. Marktech has leading-edge packaging capabilities with the ability to package die in molded plastic through-hole, SMD, chip-scale, TO can, chip on board (COB), and their proprietary seam-welded hermetic ATLAS package. Marktech’s advanced packaging capabilities can produce multiple die components including designs with multi-wavelength emitters, multiple detectors for broadband detection, and emitter-detector combinations.

Marktech also designs and produces silicon photodiode detectors, avalanche photodiodes (APDs), phototransistors, and photodiode arrays (PDAs) for applications including colorimeters, currency validation, industrial sensing (proximity, edge detection, light barriers, encoders), bar code readers, fast receivers, photometers, optical test equipment, smoke detectors, optical switches, refractometers, fluorometers, and NIR spectrometers. Marktech’s silicon photodiode photodetectors are MADE in the USA in their Simi Valley, CA manufacturing plant.

Marktech’s shortwave infrared (SWIR) emitters and detectors are an ideal solution for material and chemical spectroscopy, offering high-speed light emission in ranges not easily perceived by standard detectors. The SWIR emitters are designed for high-power applications and feature operating currents ranging from 20mA to 350mA. Boasting a wide beam angle and high reliability, the SWIR emitters include both through-hole and surface mount packages with wavelengths from 1020nm to 1720nm.

The near infrared (NIR) emitters and detectors offer exceptional optical/mechanical axis alignment, making them a suitable choice for high-precision applications including bar code readers, fiber optics, proximity sensors, optical switches, and position sensors. The near-infrared emitters feature a peak emission wavelength range of 720nm to 950nm, and they are frequently used in the agriculture, banking, medical, security, automation, and communications industries.

Marktech’s high-power SMD UV emitters combine low thermal resistant material with state-of-the-art SMD design to deliver super high power output. The emitters are ideal for UV curing, disinfection, and chemical and biological analysis, as well as printing, coating, and counterfeit detection. The high-power SMD UV emitters offer a peak emission wavelength range of 235nm to 400nm. UV detectors are also available with spectral ranges from 200nm to 400nm.

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As a global authorized distributor, Mouser offers the world’s widest selection of the newest semiconductors and electronic components — in stock and ready to ship. Mouser’s customers can expect 100% certified, genuine products that are fully traceable from each of its manufacturer partners. To help speed customers’ designs, Mouser’s website hosts an extensive library of technical resources, including a Technical Resource Center, along with product data sheets, supplier-specific reference designs, application notes, technical design information, engineering tools, and other helpful information.

About Mouser

In 2021, Mouser Electronics, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is an authorized semiconductor and electronic component distributor focused on New Product Introductions from its leading manufacturer partners. Serving the global electronic design engineer and buyer community, the global distributor’s website,, is available in multiple languages and currencies and features more than 5 million products from over 1,100 manufacturer brands. Mouser offers 27 support locations worldwide to provide best-in-class customer service in the local language, currency, and time zone. The distributor ships to over 630,000 customers in 223 countries/territories from its 1 million-square-foot, state-of-the-art distribution facilities in the Dallas, Texas, metro area. For more information, visit

About Marktech Optoelectronics

Marktech Optoelectronics is a privately held, VOSB-certified, leading designer and manufacturer of optoelectronic components and assemblies, including UV, visible, near-infrared, and short-wave infrared (SWIR) emitters, detectors, InP epiwafers, and other materials.


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