Marktech’s New 25µm and 50µm Advanced Red Dot Point Source LEDs – 100% inspected for internal reflections, defects, and sharpness.

March 28, 2023 – Latham, NY, USA –  Marktech Optoelectronics, Inc. (, a privately-held leading designer and manufacturer of standard and custom optoelectronics, including UV, visible, near-infrared (NIR), and short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) emitters, detectors, InP epi wafers, and other compound semiconductors, today announced the release of their enhanced sharpness 25 and 50 micron red dot point source LEDs for reflex sights, riflescopes, sports optics, camera viewfinders, and other aiming applications.

Image of new high sharpness red dot LEDs from Marktech Optoelectronics
Marktech’s enhanced sharpness 25micron red dot LEDs.

Marktech has developed improved manufacturing processes to increase the throughput and improve the quality of our 25 and 50 micron red dot LED products. In addition, Marktech can rapidly fulfill orders of our standard red dot point source products from our U.S. factory. Customized red dot and reticle LEDs require additional time for development, design approval, raw material procurement, and production.

Every 25µm and 50µm Red Dot LEDs Undergoes 100% Quality Inspection

All Marktech red dot LEDs are100% inspected for internal reflections, defects, and sharpness. As a result, Marktech Optoelectronics makes the sharpest aiming dots in the industry with unrivaled clarity and minimal to zero internal reflections. In addition, the lower power draw of our red dot LEDs dramatically increases battery life.

The high-quality performance of Marktech’s red dot LED products is the result of several factors:

  1. Our proprietary packaging and assembly processes use state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment
  2. Our proprietary black encapsulation process has virtually eliminated any unwanted reflections resulting in ultra-clear patterns.
  3. Our high luminosity, energy-efficient red dot LEDs provide low power consumption for extended battery life.
  4. 100% Quality Inspection of Every Red Dot LED

In addition to our standard 25µm and 50µm red dot LEDs, Marktech can design and manufacture red dot point sources or reticle LEDs in nearly any shape, size, or configuration, and this unique customization capability gives us an advantage in the industry. Marktech provides custom 10µm red dot LEDs for long-range optics and 25, 50, and 80 micron diameter LEDs for short-range sights.

Marktech has combined crosshair segments, red dots, and 7-segment numeric or alphanumeric displays to produce special reticles for optical scope OEMs. In addition, we have designed illuminated reticles or monolithic LEDs to have the segment and dot independently driven in some custom OEM applications, which is unique in the industry.

Marktech can assemble the red dot or reticle die into various standard and custom packages as well as chip-on-board (COB), rigid PCB, and flexible circuit assemblies. We have also incorporated our avalanche photodiode (APD) detectors in conjunction with red dot and display reticles for riflescopes, binoculars, LIDAR speed guns, and rangefinders with laser distance, speed, or range measurement capabilities.

Red Dot LED Product Applications

The typical function of red dot and reticle LEDs is aiming or targeting. The red dot appears within the riflescope or reflex sight. The reflected image of the red dot LED on the optical lens provides a virtual spot on the target. Unlike aiming lasers, a visible laser spot does not appear on the target, so the prey or target cannot see the spot. In addition, specialized coatings are used on the optics to enhance reflections or the red light wavelengths from the LED, which reduces the appearance of the red dot to prey, enemy combatants, or other targets.

While the recognized leader of premium red dot LEDs to the optical scopes industry, Marktech red dot and reticle LEDs find additional applications outside riflescopes and gun sights. Laser rangefinders and LIDAR speed guns often utilize a red dot aiming sight to target an object for measurement. Telescopes have a narrow field of view and require finderscopes or red dot finders to locate specific stars or constellations. An increasingly popular application of red dot LEDs is on cameras. A red dot viewfinder on a camera is helpful in the photography of fast-moving objects.

Red dot, reticle, and alphanumeric LEDs benefit a wide range of applications, including:

  • Riflescopes
  • Reflex Sights and Red Dot Sights
  • Illuminated Reticle Scopes
  • LIDAR Speed Guns
  • Telescope Finderscopes or Red Dot Finders
  • Night Vision (NV) Devices
  • Rangefinders & Range-finding Binoculars
  • Camera Red Dot Viewfinders
  • Stage Lights and Spot Lights
  • Ocular Displays in Microscopes and Medical Optics
  • Displays in Smart Glasses, Goggles, and AR/VR Devices
  • Head-mounted display in scuba masks and helmets
  • Proprietary OEM Optical Assemblies.

Our small 10 µm diameter red dot LEDs and visible point source LEDs can replace lasers in specific applications. They are also used as emitters in encoders, position sensors, edge sensors, light barriers, and other sensing applications. For sensing applications requiring higher power visible or infrared (IR) emission, Marktech has a series of point source LED emitters in the 620nm to 650nm visible band and the 850nm to 980nm NIR band.

Quote from Marktech's CTO on red dot LED manufacturing and quality

Consult with Us Today About Your Design Project

Marktech has advanced optoelectronic engineering and manufacturing capabilities to design and fabricate high-accuracy red dot point source illuminators. Our manufacturing facility in Simi Valley, California, can precisely control the performance and quality of the red dot point source LEDs, reticle LEDs, and 7 segment LED microdisplays through our high-precision packaging and assembly processes. As a result, Marktech’s stock and custom red dot LEDs have unexcelled sharpness, clarity, and are virtually free from any internal reflections or defects. Datasheets for our standard 25 and 50 micron red dot LEDs are available here:

If our off-the-shelf red dot LEDs do not meet your needs, our red dot and reticle LED experts can tailor existing or design new products to accurately meet the performance specifications of riflescopes, gun sights, laser speed guns, camera viewfinders, finderscopes, and aiming products under design or redesign.

Using Marktech Optoelectronics’ advanced LED reticles, 7 segment LED microdisplays, and red dot LED emitters in new products under development will likely lead to breakthrough designs in many sports optics, cameras, telescopes, rangefinders, and other optical assemblies requiring precise aiming and ocular or eyepiece displays of information.

If you have specific technical or application questions regarding your design project or are just interested in learning more, then please reach out to us through the following:

  • Contact our application engineers:
  • Request for information (RFI) or request for quote (RFQ) form: Contact Us
  • For near-term, high-priority development projects requiring red dot or reticle LEDs, contact:

Vince Forte, Chief Technology Officer,
Tom Behringer, Vice President of Sales



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