Faster to market. It’s an aspiration for nearly every new product produced in the modern era (since time is money!). Yet with the complexities of optoelectronics-based technology, haste has the potential to make some very costly waste if the proper die and package are not selected or put into the right configuration.

Even if you are an experienced product engineer, you may feel uncertain about which specific LED die, wavelength, or package would best-suit your design. Marktech can help.

We are fortunate to have a team of expert engineers who specialize in LED application support and are happy to share their knowledge with you, assisting you along each step. Many other optoelectronics companies are not willing or able to provide their customers with this added level of service.

On top of the highest-quality optoelectronics products, Marktech offers you and your company…

Our Proven 10-Step Design & Test Process

  1. Initial contact: Tell us about your idea for a new product or an enhancement to an existing device; we keep all information confidential.
  2. Technical sales: One of our experienced engineers will reach out to you to discuss your unique needs and which product(s) would be best-suited.
  3. Design & development: If a standard product won’t do, our engineers will design and produce a custom LED assembly to meet your requirements.
  4. Prototype: We have the expert capabilities needed to build a prototype of your product.
  5. Testing: Our onsite components lab can perform a variety of tests that validate wavelength, measure angles, simulate specific conditions, and more.
  6. Customer approval: Steps 1-5 are not complete until your expectations are met or exceeded.
  7. Production: Marktech will not only provide the necessary LED components, we also can manage the process for high-volume production of your product.
  8. Quality control & assurance: We will perform numerous tests to verify the quality of your end-product is as-expected.
  9. Delivery: This is the day you’ve been looking forward to!
  10. Follow-Up: We will reach out to ensure you are fully satisfied with your products.

With our LED materials, components, design and testing assistance, and production management capabilities, Marktech can truly be your one-stop source to get your optoelectronics product to market in the quickest time possible.

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So what do you want to build? Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with design and testing.

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