Marktech Marktech Optoelectronics has just released an eBook titled “A Brief Introduction to Customization”. This 67 page Optoelectronic Customization eBook is a valuable

resource for anyone interested in custom designed emitters, detectors, and assemblies to optimize a new or existing product, performance, or simply curious about the latest advances in optoelectronics.

Beginning with Custom Emission Materials (UV, Visible, Near IR, and SWIR), we explore how specific wavelengths can optimize your products performance. Utilizing in-depth information combined with illustrations we will explore how your choice of chip and other factors, including how you drive the component, will effect degradation and the lifetime of your product. In addition, this chapter of the Optoelectronic Customization eBook covers wire bonding techniques, illumination patterns and output.

The other chapters cover Custom Detection Materials, Packaging, Design, Testing, and Binning and finally, Getting Started where we discuss the various steps to bring your idea from concept to prototype to finished component or assembly.

Marktech’s CTO “This Optoelectronic Customization eBook represents our accumulated experience and knowledge gathered in 30 years of manufacturing custom optoelectronics components and assemblies” according to Vincent Forte, Marktech’s CTO.

About Marktech
Founded in 1985, the Albany, New York-based Marktech Optoelectronics has built a strong industry pedigree for R&D excellence. As a renowned engineering, design, and test facility, Marktech’s unique core competencies are rooted in its field-proven capabilities to produce custom LED and photodetector components and assemblies in virtually any quantities. Standard product samples and ranges are offered to customers globally via Marktech’s longtime distribution partner, Digi-Key Corporation. In addition, the company’s engineering team has the necessary full in-house capabilities for the testing of complete electrical and optical characteristics, as well as to perform end-to-end examinations of all optical components, from die level to finished product designs. Marktech is also a Cree Solution Provider for high-brightness LEDs and materials. For more information about Marktech Optoelectronics and its product offerings, visit

So tell us: What do you want to build?

Bring Marktech your idea; we can manage the entire process for you, from design to prototype, from testing to production and QA.

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